Global Learning Village
Global Learning Village Global Learning Village
Global Learning Village
Global Language Immersion Program (English,
Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese)


Creative Education Methods

Personalized Learning Environments

Highly-Qualified and Certified Teachers

Culture of High Expectations

Extended School Days & School Year

Saturday and Summer School Options

Uniforms Required

Small School Size

Personal Learning Plans
  Professional Learning Communities

Physical Education Activities to Promote Active

Rigorous TEKS-Based Curriculum Aligned with
New STAAR Requirements

Literacy, Math and Science Labs

Fine Arts

Academic/Enrichment Activities

Gifted and Talented Program

Extracurricular Activities

Parental and Community Partnerships

Student Performance Built on a High-Quality
Curriculum and End-of-Course Exams

Global Learning Village

The world has forever changed as everyone is connected to each other with information instantly at our fingertips. However, there are those who would argue that the broad sweeping changes across the world have significantly touched every part of our society except for schools. An introspective look into many classrooms reveals that very little has changed over the past 30 years. Education still mainly involves teachers feeding information to students to cover the curriculum in preparation for a standardized test. Even with the addition of technology to many classrooms, there has been little change in our educational philosophy in the face of globalization. As members of the global community, we must develop an educational program that brings in the real world, changes the learning environment, and helps our children acquire the skills they need to compete in the global economy.

The Global Learning Village is designed to be the educational vehicle to equip boys and girls to become critical thinking, global learning, multilingual students in order to become positive, contributing members of the world community. In addition to a rigorous standard curriculum, students will be immersed in the culture, language and literacy of multiple ethnic groups in order to become productive citizens in the 21st century.


Global Learning Village (GLV) is a Texas open-enrollment charter school. It is a tuition-free public school that has the flexibility to employ creative education methods and personalized learning environments to promote greater student achievement. GLV's mission is to equip students to become critical thinking, global learning, multilingual students in order to become positive, contributing members of the world community. In order to become multilingual, students at GLV will participate in a language immersion program in which they will learn English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese languages and culture.

 Global Learning Village as established to fulfill the purpose of charter schools as identified  by the Texas Education Code by providing the following benefits:

        1. Improved student learning.
        2. More learning opportunities within the public school system.
        3. Professional opportunities that attract new teachers to the public school system.
        4. A new form of accountability for public schools.
        5. Different and innovative learning methods.

Global Learning Village
Global Learning Village
Our lives in this century will be impacted by our world's inevitable "globalization" reality in which understanding other cultures through communication in other languages will be critical to our economic success. The establishment of the Global Learning Village will create an unsurpassed opportunity for students to receive a world-class education anchored in real world and virtual technology experiences.

By the end of their senior year, Global Learning Village's students will be multilingual. The ability to be multilingual will level the playing field for students, as it will allow them to communicate with 75% of the human race.

In recent years, parents have opted to have their students attend schools outside their communities in their quest for quality education. However, Global Learning Village's state-of-the-art campus will provide a seamless transition for students throughout their educational career by serving them from kindergarten to 12th grade.

The vision of Global Learning Village is supported by the school's mission. The structures to support the vision and the mission are a comprehensive, rigorous and seamless vertically aligned K-12 instructional program.

Emphasis will be placed on global languages, college preparation, project-based learning and a real-world community based social action program of study. Global Learning Village's educational philosophy is based on research by Kati Haycock and the Educational Trust who have found that all students, regardless of race, class, socio-economic conditions, or special education "label" are capable of learning when supported by skilled teachers.

Global Learning Village

Conveniently located near downtown houston, the museum district, and the renowned Texas Medical Center. Close proximity to University of Houston, Texas Southern University, Rice University, University of St. Thomas, and Houston Community College. Easily accessible from all major highways and interstates.

**If the number of applications exceeds the number of
available slots, a lottery will
be conducted on May 1, 2012.
  Global Learning Village
Global Learning Village